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Mermaid Balee's Bubblee Boutique Adult Admission
Mermaid Balee's Bubblee Boutique Adult Admission

Join Mermaid Balee for thisextra-special event with a very limited number of spaces! Mermaid Balee’sBubblee Boutique will immerse your 4 to 10 year old child in the world ofmermaids with a unique salon treatment fit for the sea! Guests will receive thefull mermaid make over-hair, nails, and face make up while enjoying snacks fitfor a mermaid and participating in mer-activities. Then to top it off, theywill be treated to extraordinary viewing of the mermaids inside the Red SeaTunnel.



$100 per child, which includes theMermaid Monday activities. Ticket price for accompanying adult is$22.95(members), $32.95 (non-members) which includes mermaid viewing andMermaid Monday activities at the conclusion of Mermaid Balee’s Bubblee Boutique.

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