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Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales 02/05/16 To 05/27/16
Humpback Whales is an extraordinary journey into the mysterious world of one of the most awe-inspiring marine mammals. Set in the spectacular waters of Alaska, Hawaii and the remote islands of Tonga, this ocean adventure offers audiences an up-close look at how these whales communicate, sing, feed, play and take care of their young. Join a team of researchers as they unlock the secrets of the humpback and find out why humpbacks are the most acrobatic of all whales, why they sing their haunting songs, and why these intelligent 55-foot, 50-ton animals migrate up to 10,000 miles round-trip every year. A MacGillivray Freeman film presented by Pacific Life, Humpback Whales is directed by Greg MacGillivray and produced by Shaun MacGillivray. Humpback Whales is written and edited by Stephen Judson with a musical score by Steve Wood. A One World One Ocean production.
Secret Ocean
Secret Ocean 02/05/16 To 05/27/16
Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, offers a breakthrough look at a secret world within the ocean. Alongside marine biologist Holly Lohuis, he invites viewers to dive into this whole new world that will leave them in awe of the beauty and diversity of the oceans – the source of all life on our planet – and inspire an even stronger desire to protect what they have either seen for the first time or perhaps re-discovered along the journey.
Narrated by renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, “Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean 3D” introduces audiences to over 30 species, illuminating behaviors captured for the first time thanks to the development of new tools that allow improved underwater filming and takes them to vibrant environments such as the Bahamas, Fiji, and Bimini.
Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters 02/05/16 To 02/11/16
In the Late Cretaceous, a great inland ocean divided North America in two. A curious and adventurous dolichorynchops travels through life stages, experiencing the world from her spot near the bottom of the food chain. Along the way, she will encounter long-necked pleisosaurs, giant turtles, enormous fish, ferocious flippered crocs, fierce sharks, and the most dangerous sea monsters of all, the mosasaur.
Walking with Dinosaurs
Walking with Dinosaurs 02/05/16 To 02/11/16
For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS is the ultimate immersive, big screen adventure for families. Meet dinosaurs more real than you've ever seen as you take off on a thrilling prehistoric adventure, where Patchi, an underdog dinosaur, triumphs against all odds to become a hero for the ages. (c) Fox
Big Screen Saturdays
Big Screen Saturdays 02/06/16 To 05/28/16
Relax and rewind with your favorite movies on the largest movie screen in Virginia, our National Geographic 3D Movie Theater! We have selected our favorites to show on the big screen.

Feb 6 - Rain Man
Feb 13 - Saving Private Ryan
Feb 20 - Titanic 3D
Feb 27 - Life of Pi 3D
March 5 - Hoosiers
March 19 - Dirty Dancing
March 26 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Check back soon for schedule updates!
National Parks Adventure
National Parks Adventure 02/12/16 To 05/27/16
A trio of adventurers’ quest to experience America’s wildest, most historic and most naturally beautiful places becomes the ultimate off-trail adventure. The film features not only a sweeping overview of the national parks’ history but also an adrenaline-pumping, rock-climbing, mountain-biking odyssey … and a moving true-life tale of friendship, art and communion inspired by nature’s grandeur.
Mysteries of the Unseen World
Mysteries of the Unseen World 02/12/16 To 05/27/16
You will be transported to places on this planet that you have never been before, to see things that are beyond your normal vision, yet literally right in front of your eyes. High-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology are just a few of the advancements in science that now allow us to see a whole new universe of things, events, creatures, and processes we never even knew existed and now give us new "super powers" to see beyond what is in front of us.
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